The Dealbreaker & Other Aggravations

Ahhh…hello my faithful reader (singular).  As I travel through page after page of single men on my dating websites my first thought was “wow, can there really be this many men out there?” then my second thought was “wow, and I’m still single?”.    But perhaps my purpose is not to find a partner for myself but to help YOU wade through all the crap so you can find you’re own true love.

Today’s topic is dealbreakers and things that aggravate me most in the dating world.  These are things that piss me off, gross me out and/or creep me out.  These issues are primarily concerning profiles BUT can bleed over into the date itself (reference previous posts)!

Aggravation #1

Guys – DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE POST PHOTOGRAPS OF YOURSELF IN THE BATHROOM MIRROR!!!!!  Really?  You don’t have 1 buddy that can snap a quick picture of you????  What does that say about you – and your lack of friends?!  Women find it very creepy and a little self-involved if all of you pictures are ones you have taken of yourself.  Just weird and unattractive.

Aggravation #2

I don’t care if a woman is the biggest animal lover on the planet – professional photographs of you with your pet is wrong.  Gross.

Aggravation #3

Stating in your profile that the woman must be “small, petite, slender, athletic, nice rack, butt you can set a drink on, blonde, blue eyes, acrylic nails, tan, must be vegetarian, have no children, like action films, must enjoy being my trophy/geisha…blah, blah, blah…..REALLY?  Why would you get onto a dating website with, clearly, millions of women if you want someone so specific????  Try mail-order brides. 

So with that said I’m thoroughly exhausted – I’ve got six new profiles to read of which I will inevitably find six non-matches – I hate to be so negative and cynical but the last great profile I got was of a guy that participates in the Worlds Stronges Man contest – and his profile stated that one of his favorite things is good hard sex….WTF?  Not gonna lie – that’s a bit scary.  So off I go to find a mild-mannered man with a motorcycle and a 401K plan.



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